10 Important Things to Bring on a Hike to Bryce Canyon

Hiking is one of the best outdoor activities to get indulged in. Especially in Bryce Canyon with it’s views and amazing trails. We know you love Bryce Canyon cabins, but combining a cabin stay with a hike is really the best way to experience Bryce. Here’s a list of things that are important for you to bring along when hiking in Bryce Canyon.

Photo Credit: Paul Fundenburg on flickr

  1. Footwear. It is important for footwear to make you comfortable and will provide support all throughout your hiking experience. Trail shoes are good when hiking on a short day without having heavy loads or taking technical trails. Whereas, hiking boots is highly necessary if you are hiking on a rough terrain with heavy loads.

  1. Food. Anything might keep your hiking trip a little than anticipated like enjoying the stream, encountering rough terrain or being injured. Regardless of how long your hike is, bring extra food to maintain your morale and energy.

  1. Water. Bring plenty of water to keep your body energized. With less water intake on the way, you will get thirsty and if it persists, you might be prone to the risk of having altitude sickness and hypothermia.

  1. Tracking Devices and Maps. To track your location and other important sites like emergency route exit, campsites and water access, tracking devices like GPS and compass are necessary along with maps.

  1. First Aid Kit. Medicines and bandages are some of the most important supplies that should be included in your first aid kit. You can acquaint yourself with knowledge on first aid by attending a Wilderness First Aid Class or American Red Cross.

  1. Whistle, fire and lighting. Fire is useful to prepare instant hot meals or beverages as well as it keeps you warm in the midst of cold and dark woods. Also, this could be used to set out emergency signal. Whistle could be used so that you can be easily tracked when lost. If you are caught after dark, flashlights and lighters are great companions.

  1. Wear Weather Gear and Extra Clothing. As weather forecast is not always exact and may change anytime, it is appropriate to bring along extra clothing as well to combat the rain. Always bring a hat and do not wear cotton clothing because it makes moisture stick closer to your skin.

  1. Protection Against the Sun or Snow. To save yourself from the scorching heat of the sun sunglasses and sunscreen are amongst the best protection. Likewise, sunglasses are best to prevent snow blindness.

  1. Knife or a Handy Multi Purpose Tool. These supplies are useful in numerous purposes such as removing splinters, cutting strips of clothing to be used as bandages, fixing broken eyeglasses, aids in repairing malfunctioning gears among others.

  1. Packback or Daypack. Hit the trail with all the comforts with you. Find a daypack or backpack that can make you comfortable and look smart with all the loads and essentials inside it. Make sure that it has a rain cover as well.

Consider packing the above essentials when planning to trail the woods on a hike. This will not only make your hiking experience much remarkable but as well keep you safe and comfortable. We love our Bryce Canyon cabins, but we’ve spent a lot of time hiking trails like the Navajo Loop, Queens Garden, and Mossy Cave and by following these tips we’ve never ran into any problems.

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