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Top 6 Outdoor Activities in Bryce

There is so much more to Bryce Canyon National Park than meets the eye. Inside the park, endless activities and adventures await. Visitors can enjoy adventurous outdoor activities, like hiking, horseback riding, camping, or backcountry exploring. There are also many exciting Ranger programs and annual festivals for visitors to participate in. Every guest will find […]

Full Moon Hikes in Bryce Canyon

The red rock landscape in Bryce Canyon is often the star of the show. People come from all over the world to see the hoodoos, red rock cliffs, and other geological features of Bryce. While these natural features are gorgeous, there is an even more beautiful sight just above the rocky terrain. The night sky […]

Bird Watching in Bryce

In the Bryce Canyon area, there are over 200 different species of birds that can be observed. For those who are new to birdwatching, and those who are birdwatching professionals, Bryce Canyon is an incredible place to spy many different birds. In fact, many people travel to Bryce for the sole purpose of birdwatching. Anyone […]

Seeing Stars

There is something magical about the flickering stars high above the earth in the night sky. They have inspired beautiful paintings, popular songs, and epic poems. Across the globe, people young and old tilt their heads back to try and find the big dipper, identify the north star, and, if they’re lucky, catch a glimpse […]

Tropic, Utah: The Center of it All

Most people don’t realize that when visiting the state of Utah, there is a nearly endless number of things to see and do. These exciting experiences aren’t all spread out across the state, either. In fact, there is a small town many people choose to stay in that is centrally located near five different popular […]

July Activities in Bryce Canyon

July Activities in Bryce Canyon Travelers can find something fun and exciting to do in Bryce Canyon throughout the entire year. From exciting outdoor activities to interesting shows and performances, there’s never a dull moment in this area, and July is no exception. The month of July is packed full of exciting things to do […]

Scenic Highway 12

Traveling Along Scenic Highway 12 There is a popular quote from Dan Eldon that says, “The journey is the destination.” This quote could not be more fitting when traveling along many of the beautiful highways of Utah. There is one highway in particular that provides an especially unforgettable journey. Scenic Highway 12 is incredibly special […]

Parks for Horseback Riding in USA

The desire to uncover new things is a tradition rooted deep in North American culture. Horse riding is also synonymous with Americans with the cowboy tradition being associated with America and Canada. The region is well endowed with natural space and the highly hospitable people make it possible for nature and horse riding enthusiasts to […]

Capitol Reef National Park

Situated in the south-central part of the home of national adventure and amusement parks Utah lays Capitol Reef National Park, which opens its doors to visitors from all over the world. Capitol Reef admits visitors 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, so no matter what hour of the day or time if […]