Bryce Canyon’s Night Sky

Bryce Canyon is the ultimate place to learn about and enjoy the splendor of the night sky. Bryce Canyon is the last grand sanctuary of natural darkness. Far from the light pollution of civilization. Bryce Canyon National Park also benefits by being a high elevation park.

The annual astronomy festival will be held next year June 1-thru the 4th, 2016. For more info click here. At Bryce Canyon starlight spills out above the unique red rock formations called hoodoos. Here the sky is a piece of the park that is defended as fiercely as it’s fragile rock formations. Bryce Canyon’s astronomy program is thought to be the longest active astronomy program in the National Park Service. It began in 1969 when the Chief of Interpretation and Visitor Services added a night sky interpretation program to Bryce Canyon’s assortment of visitor offerings. Since its inception, there have been many seasonal and full time interpretive rangers who contributed to the growth of the night sky program with educational lectures, constellation tours, and stargazing. By 2001, Bryce Canyon’s skies had become so well known that the park began hosting an annual astronomy festival. By 2007, a team of 15 volunteers and 4 rangers ran the astronomy program from April to October. Although the rangers form the backbone of the program, it could not have reached its current success without the hard work of many volunteers.