July Activities in Bryce Canyon

July Activities in Bryce Canyon
Travelers can find something fun and exciting to do in Bryce Canyon throughout the entire year. From exciting outdoor activities to interesting shows and performances, there’s never a dull moment in this area, and July is no exception.
The month of July is packed full of exciting things to do and see in Bryce Canyon National Park and the surrounding areas. In addition to the everyday adventures, like horseback riding, canyoneering, hiking, and scenic tours, there are special events and activities being held throughout the month, as well. Featured below are a few of the fun things to experience during a trip to Bryce Canyon in July. Keep in mind, there are many other adventures to enjoy, so speak with locals or search online to line up a July vacation with endless entertainment.

Things to do
The list of things to do in Bryce Canyon during the month of July is incredibly diverse. Aspiring cowboys, fitness nuts, and geology enthusiasts can all find something exciting to do during July. All the following events and activities are in different locations, but all are within a short drive to the Bryce Canyon area. To enjoy these unforgettable adventures, visitors should be sure to schedule a trip to Bryce Canyon during the month of July.

Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo
Wednesday through Saturday, beginning at 7:00 PM, visitors can enjoy the Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo. The rodeo takes place at the Ruby’s Inn Rodeo Grounds near Ruby’s Inn. The price of admission for the rodeo is $13.00 for ages twelve and up, $9.00 for ages five to eleven, and free admission for children under five. The tickets, which are general admission tickets, can be purchased two different ways. They are sold in the lobby of the Best Western Plus Ruby’s Inn or at the main entrance gate of the rodeo.
At Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo, the crowd is able to get in on the action. Adults can sign up to ride a real bucking bull and children can be signed up for the steer and sheep riding. Those who are signed up by 5:00 PM on the day of the rodeo will be able to experience a taste of being a real cowboy. To sign up, guests should either call Ruby’s at (866) 782-0002 or email at rodeo@rubysinn.com. This opportunity to bring out their inner cowboy is a chance that not many people will ever get.

There are two days in July, the fourth and the twenty-fourth, that Ruby’s will be holding a jackpot rodeo. These are the biggest rodeos of the season, with cowboys and cowgirls coming from all around to compete. Participants pay an entry fee that goes into a pot which can be won for each competition. This chance at a big prize brings out the competitive spirit in every rider. All the events at Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo are a true joy to watch.

Independence Day Celebration
The fourth of July is an exciting day in the U.S. It is a day to celebrate the nation’s independence from English rule and the official creation of this free nation. The usual celebration of Independence Day revolves around cookouts, fireworks, and gathering friends and family. For those who will be in the Bryce Canyon area during this special holiday, there will be plenty to do and celebrate on the fourth.
In the areas of Bryce, Panguitch, and Boulder, Utah, there will be fun-filled days to celebrate Independence Day. These celebrations will begin in the early afternoon and go on until after dark, most concluding with a fireworks display. There will be thrilling parades, delicious food, fun activities, and much more. Celebrating this nation in a small town in Utah will be the most memorable Independence Day celebration one can have.

Desperado Dual
The Desperado Duel is a very popular bicycle event in the Bryce Canyon area. This demanding but beautiful ride takes riders on a journey through some of the most spectacular views in the world. With nothing but the gorgeous red rock surrounding them, riders can choose to participate in the fifty, one hundred and nine, or one hundred and fifty-mile option. No matter which ride is chosen, the entire day is sure to be an unforgettable one.
The route includes fully stocked rest stops, delicious lunches, and much more. Every rider will receive a Desperado Duel participation medal and trucker hat when they register for their event. The entire day will be filled with fun, even when riders are not riding. Before the start of the ride, which is 7:00 PM, there will be a pre-race party for participants and visitors. This will be an action-packed day filled with excitement and beauty in the Bryce Canyon area.

Panguitch Invitational Rodeo
Held at the Triple C Area from July 21st to the 23rd, this exciting jackpot rodeo is sure to thrill the crowd. This invitational rodeo is open to all high school students who wish to participate. There will be many traditional rodeo events, such as barrel racing, roping, rodeos, and stock shows. Watch as winning contestants are awarded saddles, while second and third place receive buckles. The pride and joy that these students receive from competing in this rodeo are enough to make the entire show a complete delight.

Mystical Arts of Tibet

This one of a kind experience lasts from July 19th to the 25th. This celebration will begin with a dinner welcoming the Tibetan Monks that are traveling to raise money to help educate, feed, house, and care for nearly 3,000 exiled Tibetan Monks. Throughout the entire week, visitors will be delighted and in awe of these amazing people. During the week, they will be creating a sand mandala, a practice that Tibetan Monks are famous for. Also, there will be daily meditation and prayers for those who wish to participate. There are many exciting activities to take part in during the week, from singing to lunches and more. Every guest will walk away from each event feeling at peace and connected with their spirituality. This one-of-a-kind experience is one that should not be missed.

Bryce Canyon Half Marathon and 5K
On Saturday, July 8th Bryce Canyon will be holding its famous 5K and half marathon. These runs take runners through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, testing their strength and stamina along the way. Once runners pick up their packets on July 7th, they will be ready to head out on the trails the next day. The entire run is incredibly scenic, making it one of the most memorable and exciting runs in the entire country. Runners will truly appreciate the challenging course and the aesthetic beauty throughout both races.

Annual Geology Festival
There are very few places in America that offer such beautiful and diverse rock formations. Geology buffs travel to the Bryce area every year just to marvel at the impressive formations. On July 14th and 15th, Geology enthusiasts will flock to the Bryce Canyon area for the annual GeoFest. Park rangers will take visitors on guided hikes through the area, host family-friendly geology activities, have special geology guests and speakers, and set up many geological presentations and family oriented events at the visitor center. This is a great chance for everyone interested in geology to really submerse themselves in the beauty of geological history. From hiking along the Bryce area to learning about other geological formations, Bryce Canyon GeoFest is the place to be for those interested in geology.

Experience Bryce Canyon in July
The warm temperatures are calling travelers from near and far to come and enjoy a trip to Bryce Canyon. In addition to the many fun activities that can be done year-round, Bryce Canyon has an unforgettable lineup of events and activities throughout the month. Choose one adventure or stay a while and experience them all. A trip to Bryce Canyon in July is guaranteed to be the highlight of the summer.

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Featured photo by Jean-Claude Schwarzen