Mossy Cave Bryce Canyon

The Mossy Cave Trail in Bryce Canyon is an easy hike, perfect for kids and adults alike to see hoodoos up close.
The Mossy Cave Trail is a 0.8 mile path in Bryce Canyon National Park, following a stream to a fern-fringed alcove and a powerful waterfall. An easy stroll in Bryce next to a creek that brings you past hoodoos, to a waterfall, and then to a mossy cave where icicles hang in the shady places. If you feel adventurous, climb to the hole in the wall above the falls.

Mossy Cave is the trail you want to go to if you have a very short time and want to do a little hike. Or, if you have guests or kids that do not like to break a sweat on a hike, this is a perfect little stroll where you can get the whole below canyon experience without the hike down into the canyon.

Tips: This is a short and easy hike. You can bring nothing at all and be fine. Bring some water and a snack though. And apply some sunscreen as you are high in altitude and the sun’s rays are strong.