Parks for Horseback Riding in USA

The desire to uncover new things is a tradition rooted deep in North American culture. Horse riding is also synonymous with Americans with the cowboy tradition being associated with America and Canada. The region is well endowed with natural space and the highly hospitable people make it possible for nature and horse riding enthusiasts to participate in horseback riding tours and holidays. Parks for Horseback Riding in USA are immense and therefore it is easy to find a horseback riding vacation in the country. Some of the most popular ones in North America include;

1. The 9 Yellowstone Park Ranches
2. The Grand Canyon mule riding vacation
3. Horse Riding at Utah-Capitol Reef Park

Grand Canyon National Park- is a popular park attracting a huge number of visitors every year. The park is situated in an exquisite natural amphitheater. This stunning park is popularly known for “hoodoos”, natural pillars created by wind, water, and ice erosion. More than 5 million visitors come to the park every year for sightseeing, hiking, and horseback riding. In order to get the best glimpse of the area’s unique natural sceneries, mule riding proves to work best. The irresistible view of canyon walls, plateaus, beautiful sunset, and the Colorado River bring the true meaning of the term “grand” as the place is named. The massive exploration opportunities presented by the park enable visitors to go around the park on foot, helicopter, boat, bus, or ride by mule (mostly preferred). Mules are chosen simply because they have a good track record of being safe and meek. Mule trips are provided on both the North and South Rim of the Grand Canyon. If you desire some solitude then the best place to be board is the North Rim which is secluded and wilder. South Rim is busier and is home to operator lodges, gift shops, tours, and many activities.

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Photo Credit: PROmyboogers on flickr

Yellowstone Park Ranches-this iconic park has nine of top horseback riding places in North America. Guests as young as 13 years are accepted to ride at the park. The professional guides at the park offer unmatched assistance to the guests. At Yellowstone you get to choose from any of the following options;
• McGarry Ranch, Rexburg Idaho-lies barely 90 miles to the west of Jackson Hole. The Yellowstone Park is 1and half hour drive from this popular ranch.
• 7D Ranch Cody Wyoming- is a one hour drive from Yellowstone National Park. It lies on the remote Sunlight Basin located at the core of Absaroka Mountains. It is one of the ancient ranches in Wyoming and guests enjoy frequent 3 to 2 week tours of North Absaroka Wilderness, Yellowstone Park, and Beartooth Mountains.
• Paradise Guest Ranch-located in Buffalo Wyoming is this 3 hour ride Ranch from Yellowstone. It lies splendidly on foothills of Big Horn Mountains. Other attraction sites nearby include “Hole in the Wall” and Fort Phil Kearney.
• Big Sky Montana’s Lone Mountain Ranch-situated 48 miles from the town of Yellowstone and is 18 miles from Northwest Corner. Guests can take a horseback ride from the ranch to Yellowstone National Park.
• Mountain Sky Guest Ranch-lies in emigrant Montana and is 30 miles from Yellowstone Park. Day-long horseback rides and fly-fishing are availed to guests at the ranch. Available also is special whitewater rafting along the Yellowstone River. Livingstone and Bozeman city centers are situated a few miles from this ranch and offer guests the finest western cuisine.
• Gros Ventre River Ranch-located in Moose Wyoming that lies 60 miles from Yellowstone Park and only 18 miles from Grand Teton Park. It is also 18 miles away from Jackson Town, popular for its western art galleries, events, and restaurants.
• Emigrant Montana’s Hubbard Circle Ranch-located in at the border of Yellowstone Park. Guest get chance to walk cattle at Gallattin, one of the finest mountains. Those who make a day trip to Yellowstone park are given packed lunches. At the ranch explore the stunning wilderness on the edge of Yellowstone National Park.
• T Cross Ranch-located at Dubois Wyoming is this amazing ranch ideal for a family ranch vacation. It is a two hour drive to Yellowstone Park. The Dubois town is a popular town surrounded by Wind River and Absaroka Mountains.
• Livingstone Montana’s 63 Ranch-this ranch is situated 50 miles from Yellowstone national Park, 1and half hour drive from the park. Guests learn to gather and rope cattle at the ranch. They also adventure to the nearby Absaroka wilderness and Gallatan forests.

These parks are just a representation of the numerous Parks for Horseback Riding in USA. These astounding destinations for horseback riding are ideal for individual, family, or group visits.