Red Canyon Next to Bryce Canyon

For many centuries, many people have always been fascinated with Red Canyon. The amazing rock formation and the Ponderosa Pines make the whole place different and stunning. This is by far one of the best places that tourist should visit.

For your first stop, you should head to the Scenic Byway Information Kiosk which is located near the entrance the Red Canyon. Going to the information kiosk is a big help as you can get the necessary information that you need. You get to have the overview of the byway and all the features. When you visit the Red Canyon Visitor Center, you get to have information on different activities like sightseeing, picnicking, camping and hiking. There is a campground across the visitor center.

Red Canyon offers amazing trails. There is the Birdseye Trail which is an .8 mile hike which gives you amazing views of the red rock formations. Another nice trail that you can try is the Losee Canyon Trail which is a 3 mile hike where you get to see the rugged Red Canyon. If you want to try off-highway vehicle, you can try the Casto Canyon Trail. Before you go, check out the visitor center.

Located at the east of the visitor center is the Red Canyon Trailhead Kiosk. You can access more than 5 different trails open for different activities like biking, horseback riding and hiking.
Red Canyon is open all year round. The trails are also available any time of the year even during winter season. During this season, you can enjoy snowshoeing and cross-country skis.

Red Canyon, Utah
Photo Credit: Brian Gilmore on flickr

For more information regarding Red Canyon and the activities you can do there, check out the Visitors Center. They can provide you will all the right information and most of the tools and equipment you will need to have a good time!