Tips of Recovery for Runners

If you ran in the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon last week congrats!! One of our guests was telling us that post run is as important to the training prior to the event.

Photo Credit: Fast Cory
In the Days After: Continue to hydrate. Massage sore muscles with your hands or a foam roller for five minutes each day. If you’re really suffering, ask your doctor whether anti-inflammatory medication might help. Every other day, do this gentle workout to encourage blood flow to recovering muscles: Walk for 10 minutes, run a few seconds each minute for 10 to 20 minutes, and finish with 10 minutes of walking.

In the Weeks After: Gradually add running time to your every-other-day workouts until you’re back to where you were before the race. On nonrunning days, walk or do gentle cross-training. If you are eager to participate in another race, wait at least three weeks before doing a 5-K, and four to six weeks before doing anything longer.