Top Five Tips For Hiking Bryce

Bryce Canyon is a wonderful place to visit, full of beautiful and unique hikes and scenery. There is definitely something for everyone to do here! We have compiled a short list top help you with your next hiking trip to Bryce. These are the 5 essentials.

Bryce Canyon / Inspiration Point
Photo Credit: Philipp Häfeli on flickr

1. Comfortable Clothes

One of the most common mistakes new hikers make is wearing the wrong shoes to hike in! There is nothing worse than getting halfway through a hike and being so uncomfortable that you’d rather just go barefoot. Check the weather before your hike to make sure that the clothes you choose to wear will protect you against whatever elements are heading your way. If possible, pack extra clothes just to be safe.

2. Snacks

Staying hydrated and energized on your hike is very important. First things first, bring A LOT of water. There is nothing worse than dehydration while hiking. Pack things like trail mix, energy bars, jerky and whatever small portable snacks you can think of. You burn a lot while hiking, and you’ll need all that energy to complete your trek.

3. Camera

Bryce Canyon is known for its uniquely beautiful landscapes. You wouldn’t want to go home without evidence of the stunning beauty that surrounded you on your trip. So make sure your camera is charged up or you have purchased a disposable camera for the trip.

4. Plan

This might be one of the more important tips to follow. Plan your trip ahead of time so that when you get there you are not getting frustrated or overwhelmed by all the activities. Make sure you have a plan in place for what you want to see and do while you are on your trip. This will help to alleviate stress related to a poorly planned out trip.

5. Make Memories

Bring loved ones with you and make this a trip to remember! Do things that are out of your comfort zone and have fun! That is what visiting Bryce Canyon is all about.