Top Viewpoints In Bryce Canyon

There is so much beauty to witness when you visit Bryce Canyon, so much that it can be hard to decide what hikes to take or what viewpoints offer the best scenery. So to help out we have compiled a list of the top viewpoints to go to when visiting Bryce to get the absolute best vision of the park.

Sunrise and Sunset Points

Not only for the obvious reasons such as these spots offering absolutely the most stunning views of a sunrise or a sunset, but they also offer some amazing hiking and some of the most vivid coloring. Sunset Point offers spectacular views of the famous Thor’s Hammer as well as Silent City.

Sunrise Over Bryce Canyon Sunset Point
Photo Credit: Martin Campbell on flickr

Farview Point

From here you can see a lot of the parks most famous rock formations. This viewpoint gives you the ability to see far and beyond the park even to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. See sights such as Molly’s Nipple, Kaiparowits Plateau, Aquarius Plateau and stunning Hoodoos.

farview point
Photo Credit: Ed G. on flickr

Rainbow and Yovimpa Points

Located on the southern end of the park, these overlooks offer stunning views back over Bryce Canyon. From the 9,100 feet in elevation you can see almost clearly the Grand Saircase rock layers! To get a full view you will want to visit both view points. Also check out the awesome 7.5 mile Riggs Spring Loop Trail while you’re there.

Rainbow Point - Bryce Canyon National Park
Photo Credit: Alan English CPA on flickr

Bryce Point

This is where you are going to get the best view over Bryce’s amphitheater, and offers amazing sunrise views. This is where the Peek-A-Boo trail head is located as well, which is one of the most popular hikes in Bryce Canyon. You can also get to the Under The Rim 23 mile backcountry trail from here.

Bryce Point
Photo Credit: Amy S on flickr

Natural Bridge

This is probably the most famous and sought after viewpoint in Bryce Canyon, offering a view of Bryce Canyon’s stunning natural bridge with what seems like a crowned top. This is located in the southern end of the park.

Natural Bridge, Bryce Canyon, Utah
Photo Credit: Diana Robinson on flickr