Training For Hiking in Bryce

Hiking in Bryce Canyon is one of the best places in the world to see for yourself the great outdoors. So if you are planning to go for a long distance hiking trip in Bryce or elsewhere, it is important to take these simple training tips:

Bryce Canyon

Photo Credit: Paul Fundenburg

  1. Daily Walks

The best training is to walk every day. Walking is the best possible exercise you can do if you want to be in perfect shape for a hiking adventure. After all, hiking requires a lot of walking. When you walk every day, you give your body that practice it requires. Walking is a repetitive slow kind of exercise that is recommended for everyone. If you think you would not like the idea of a daily walk, then you should not expect that you will be able to complete a long distance hike.

You do not have to do any extreme walking activities; you can just walk around your neighborhood. To properly train for that long distance hike, it would be a good idea to take a backpack with you, put in some weight (water bottles or gears) and take off to a park with hills that you can climb. If you live in a location with no hills or stairs that you can climb, a treadmill will do the trick.

You can walk two hours daily for two months before your big hiking adventure. That way you can be assured that you have given your body its much need training.

  1. Keep your Body Weight Ideally Healthy

Maintaining a healthy body weight is also important if you want to tackle long distance hiking. It is essential to understand that body fat plays an important role in your training; too much is not good and too little can cause problems as well. Without enough body fat, you lose the ability to store energy when there isn’t any food around.

Most hikers bring lightweight high calorie food when they go. Two pounds of such food in a day provides about 3500 calories. But that figure is not enough even for a 12-hour hike, which will require 5000 or more calories to be burned. If you simply depend on your high calorie supply, you will be energy deficient for most of your trip.

The trick here is reach your ideal body weight and then maintain it. Do not try too much to lose weight though, as the hike will surely do that to you.

  1. Start a Strict Workout Program

Before you start off to your hiking adventure, you can effectively prepare your body by starting on a regimented workout. It offers two benefits: strength and health improvement and general fitness; and building of self-discipline.

When you wake up in the morning at 5:30 you are preparing yourself for your hiking trip. You may have to drag your butt out of bed during the first few mornings, but that will improve in time as your body clock will soon get acquainted with your alarm clock.

You must understand that when you go for long distance hikes in or around Bryce, that you must be ready for every possible discomforts and pains. If you think that dragging your feet out of bed every morning is difficult, you should imagine having the need to get off the warm sleeping bed and face up to cold mornings when you go hiking. Hiking in Bryce Canyon can be both extremes, it can be very cold and snowy, or it can be incredibly hot, so be prepared.

  1. Try Shake Down Hikes

Shakedown Hikes are hiking trips that you can try out to test out your skills, fitness, endurance and gear prior to your planned hike. There are hikers that have skipped this training part, and they discovered late that they cannot complete the long distance hikes they planned.

If you are really decided to go for that highly adventurous long distance hike like some of the most exciting hiking trails offered in Bryce, you shouldn’t forget to train. When your body is fit and your mind is ready, you can be assured that you will not be included to the long list of long distance hiking dropouts.

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