Tropic, Utah: The Center of it All

Most people don’t realize that when visiting the state of Utah, there is a nearly endless number of things to see and do. These exciting experiences aren’t all spread out across the state, either. In fact, there is a small town many people choose to stay in that is centrally located near five different popular areas of Utah.
The town of Tropic is a beautiful town in southern Utah. Tropic is a small town, with only about five hundred permanent residents. This small-town feel is what makes Tropic such a wonderful place to stay. There are many lodging options to choose from, places to eat, things to explore, and it is right in the middle of all the best outdoor adventures of Utah.
From Tropic, Utah, guests are only ninety minutes from five of the most beautiful places in not only Utah but the entire country. These five parks, monuments, and sites will provide visitors with an unforgettable vacation experience thanks to their closeness to Tropic. By spending less than two hours in the car, visitors will find themselves in vastly different locations with new and amazing things to see each day of their trip. Even those with just a few days to spend in the area will find that Tropic makes the perfect place to stay to enjoy the most of southern Utah.

Cedar Breaks National Monument
While not a household name for a vacation destination, Cedar Breaks National Monument has a lot to offer those who are lucky enough to visit. This beautiful area of Utah features the best of many different terrains, all in one place.
There are lush areas of plant life, complete with unique and colorful wildflowers. There are beautiful rock formations to walk along and marvel at. The soaring bristlecone pines, which is one of the oldest trees in existence, cover many parts of this landscape. Visitors may be lucky enough to spot some of the local wildlife since many different animals call this stretch of land home. The high elevations provide a unique feeling to guests, especially those who have never stood at such heights before.
While seeing these amazing things in the daylight is wonderful, the real show begins at night fall. The lack of light pollution and the high elevations make stargazing in Cedar Breaks National Monument unforgettable. Visitors will look up and see more stars than they ever thought possible and every other night sky they see will pale in comparison.
The drive from Tropic to Cedar Breaks is just over an hour, which leaves plenty of time for visitors to enjoy the area before heading back to Tropic. With so much to experience, Cedar Breaks National Monument is a destination that should be on everyone’s list while they are in Tropic, Utah.

Bryce Canyon National Park
Though this park may be smaller than Zion, it has many incredible views, rock formations, and plant and animal life to experience. The main thing that draws visitors into Bryce Canyon are the countless hoodoos.
Hoodoos are rock formations that are created through erosion. This is unique because most rock formations are made by sediment being added, not taken away. These tall and narrow spires are scattered throughout Bryce, many of which have been made famous by their unique shapes. Some of the most popular hoodoos in Bryce Canyon are Thor’s Hammer, Queen Victoria, the Silent City, and the Queen’s Garden. Many hoodoos can be seen from some of Bryce’s various viewpoints, which can be reached by vehicle.
For those who like to get more involved with the landscape, there is a nearly endless number of trails that go through Bryce Canyon. Some trails are very strenuous while others are perfect for the whole family. Hiking along this landscape allows hikers to feel connected with nature and truly appreciate the geological beauty throughout the park.
By driving only fifteen minutes from Tropic, visitors can experience all the amazing things that this gorgeous park offers. By taking a day to drive or hike along Bryce Canyon guests will be treated to amazing views and a once in a lifetime experience.

Brian Head
This small town in southwestern Utah has earned its place on every list of the best things to do in Utah, especially while staying in Tropic. The main attraction in Brian Head is the unbelievable Brian Head Ski Resort. This resort has a base elevation of 9,600 feet, which is the highest in all of Utah. This high elevation provides pristine, powdery snow for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy all winter long.
Those who won’t be in Tropic during skiing season should still make their way to Brian Head since the resort is open all year round. When the weather is warm, Brian Head pulls out all the stops to make their resort as fun and exciting as can be. They have activities like disc golf, adventure trails, mountain biking, archery, and much more. Even in the heat of the summer, guests can head to Brian Head, get a little cooler at higher elevations, and enjoy a fun day of exciting activities.
It is a relatively short drive to get to Brian Head from Tropic, Utah. The drive is mostly on major roadways, meaning there won’t be a lot of town traffic to deal with. It takes approximately an hour and fifteen minutes to get to the town of Brian Head from Tropic. The short drive allows guests to head to Brian Head in the morning, enjoy a full day of adventure, then drive back to Tropic in the evening without spending the whole day in the car.

Grand Staircase- Escalante
For adventure seekers, Grand Staircase- Escalante is the place to go while in Tropic, Utah. There are so many amazing areas to hike that the entire day will be full of fun adventures and beautiful views.
The most popular places to explore while in Escalante are the slot canyons. Slot canyons are small areas between the rock, most of which have been carved out by water over millions of years. These slot canyons are narrow, some with areas that are as small at a foot wide. Getting into a slot canyon is like exploring a completely different world. It is cool, dark, and usually wet. The views from these slot canyons are magnificent and well worth the walk.
Some of the most popular slot canyons to hike while in Escalante are Zebra Slot Canyon, Peek-A-Boo Gulch, and Coyote Gulch. Hiking through a slot canyon is a life-changing experience.
Getting to Grand Staircase- Escalante from Tropic only takes about ten minutes. This short drive means that those who wish to explore more of Escalante can do so easily. When there is some extra time at the end of the day or a break between adventures, taking a ride to Grand Staircase- Escalante from Tropic is a great way to keep the excitement of the vacation going.

Zion National Park
Zion National Park is the most popular national park in Utah. In fact, in recent years the number of people who visit Zion has increased greatly to an astonishing 2.9 million. That number makes it the sixth most visited park in the United States. But why are so many people going to Zion National Park?
The answer to that question is easy. There is so much to see and do throughout the park. Guests can participate in a variety of activities within the park, like canyoneering, hiking, horseback riding, and climbing. There are very popular hiking trails like Angel’s Landing, The Narrows, The Subway, and more. Many of these hikes require permits, so experienced hikers try their luck at the permit lottery to be allowed to hike in certain areas.
For guests who prefer more intense activities, there are many companies in the area that provide ATV, biking, and even aerial tours of Zion and the surrounding landscape. The ponderosa pines and amazing geological formations throughout the park make it such a beautiful place to experience.
By driving just an hour and a half from Tropic, guests can see all the beauty of Zion National Park. Though this is the longest drive on the list, it is certainly well worth the miles on the road. No matter the season, guests staying in Tropic will not want to miss all that is waiting for them in Zion National Park.

Discover Utah from Beautiful Tropic
Whether guests want to hike all day, enjoy new and exciting activities, or take a leisurely drive to see the landscape of Utah, Tropic is the perfect place to stay during a trip. Guests can feel comfortable in a nice hotel, get out and embark on unforgettable adventures, and then retire to their rooms to rest up and start all over again the next day. The small town feeling and incredible lodging in Tropic will help to make any Utah vacation complete.