Winter Martian Wonderland – Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon has definitely got some of the most interesting landscapes and picturesque hikes and overlooks. Something that few realize and unfortunately miss out on is the absolutely stunning views you get to see when you visit Bryce canyon in the winter months. With the red rock contrasting hard against the soft white snow and the bright blue skies, its beyond explainable.

There are many activities that can be done in the winter just as there are in the summer. Though some activities, trails and roads may be closed due to the conditions, there is still plenty to do!

Winter Hiking

During the winter months, especially after heavy snowfall, most of the parks hikes will require snowshoes. However, after a few days of hikers being on those trails, the snow becomes icy and packed which means the snowshoes are more of a liability than helpful. For those icier conditions you will need to use extra traction on your feet.

Full Moon Snowshoe Hikes

This one is really cool! If you wait until November-March you can get a guided full moon hike. In the winter with the snow especially, the land is illuminated beyond what any average spring or summer night would be. Truly like hiking through a different world! A nighttime winter wonderland!

Cross-Country Skiing

Note: It is illegal to ski off of the rim of the canyon! However, you can cross country ski above the rim on several different routes. If you’re lucky and the park/snow allows you can ski down into the bottom of the amphitheater.

Bryce Canyon
Photo Credit: calwhiz on flickr


Note: Sledding is only allowed above the rim of the canyon! Although there aren’t too many places to sled in Bryce itself, nearby in Red Canyon there are many suitable sledding areas!

Winter Astronomy Programs

Bryce Canyon offers some Astronomy Programs, depending of staff and events. Check with the visitors center if you are interested in one of the programs.